Outdoor Living Richmond

Outdoor Living Richmond

The pandemic made it crystal clear that an outdoor living space is what we need to get out of our heads and enjoy the simple bliss of life that gives us the power to keep forging forward. Experts agree that investing in or buying a home with outdoor living space will earn you a higher amount when you resell it. You want to put just as much focus on the outdoor space as you do on the indoor space because it will add an element of luxury to an otherwise essential property.

Outdoor living areas are where you want to keep your children when they get grumpy and need a break from TV. This is where you invite your guests to break the ice and entertain. Homeowners have a range of enjoyment options when they work with us and the possibility to include more than one feature if you have a decently sized environment.

Examples Of Outdoor Living In Richmond

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Design
The outdoor kitchen is ideal for warm climates with moderate weather conditions where you can spend long daylight hours sitting in the night staring at the sky or enjoying the warm pool water. We have a couple of different designs for outdoor kitchens and should be able to offer one that suits your needs and protects you against environmental elements that could complicate your time in the kitchen.

Each outdoor living kitchen should complement your lifestyle and needs, which means it should have a grill if you like to barbecue, a fridge for your drinks, or a fire pit if you prefer to spend some time around the fire.

Outdoor Showers

Outdoor living is about relaxation, and adding a shower is a massive upgrade to an otherwise polite space. You want a shower that offers the kind of privacy you need to enjoy a private shower, as well as the hot sun and pleasant views.

Homeowners can make a resort outside the home by installing luxurious shower heads surrounded by eclectic porches, stunning plants, and attractive lights.


Cottages, backyard builders' decks, and pergolas pop up in luxury accommodation settings because they offer a unique living experience. You want to put up a cottage with sufficient shade and a comfortable lounging option to allow for relaxation and fun.

Pergolas and pool houses are great alternatives to the traditional cottage because they offer the same privacy, lounging, and protection against the weather outside.


Lighting is essential when setting up any features in the home. You want a sophisticated lighting scheme that complements the colors, plants, and architecture to make the space beautiful and exciting at night. Our outdoor living professional also installs the lights to make for a safer outdoors at night, so you can spend as many hours as necessary when you want to sit outdoors or entertain guests for a party or gathering.

The outdoor space is not complete until the texture, colors, and movements complement the overall design. Ecoworks would love to give you personalized information on your custom outdoor living areas, so feel free to send a message today for fast feedback.  

Outdoor Living Richmond
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