Patio Cover Companies

Patio Cover Companies

Patio cover companies promise to keep you cool in the summer and keep the elements off of your outdoor space in the winter. As an exclusive provider of Struxure Outdoor covers in Southern California, Smart Patio Plus provides a unique, stylish, and effective product other companies cannot.

Being Unique

Smart Patio Plus seeks to provide the best quality product for Southern California. While generally nice, the weather changes. Extreme heat and cold winters are common depending on where you are.

As a dedicated Los Angeles company, we serve customers by the sea and even the ski slopes at Mount Waterman. We offer a stylish unique pergola.

Offering a Quality Product

Struxure Outdoor, our flagship patented cover, aims to be flexible and sturdy. Aluminum, metal, and wood construction create the sturdiness of a rigid structure and flexibility of a soft cover.

We build our adjustable shade pergolas from quality materials capable of withstanding much of what California has to throw at them. Keep out the sun and elements or bask in filtered soft natural light.

What is a Struxure Outdoor patio cover?

A Struxure Outdoor patio cover is not your typical cover. Every pergola uses a louvered roof. However, not every slotted roof can keep out the rain or even the occasional snowstorm.

Our louvered roofs are adjustable and easy to use. Close the shades when the weather turns sour without sacrificing the brilliance of natural light.


Our product is unique. The Struxure Outdoor patio cover is patented.

We love crafting outdoor spaces and are always looking to innovate. Our products will change as new materials continue to enter the market.

Innovation does not end with our designers. We want our customers to love their outdoor space. Attach our Adjust cover kit to your host structure for even more flexibility, creativity, and power. Build your patio cover.

Embracing Creativity

To better serve our customers, we also offer a full outdoor remodeling service. With years of experience throwing the perfect shade, we understand the needs of our customers.

From traditional decks and concrete patios to the styles of the stars, we strive to match the creative vision of the people of Los Angeles. Our team can bring your patio to life whether it is curbside or poolside.

A Product Our Customers Love

We do not need to rely on marketing alone to drive sales. Customers enjoy our ability to blend outdoor elements and craft elegant environments on almost any property.

Smart Patio Plus made the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies. The proof is the word of mouth and satisfaction that makes a truly successful business.

Patio Cover Companies in Southern California

Keeping the heat and elements off of your patio requires a durable, strong, and flexible cover. As one of the fastest growing patio cover companies in Southern California, Smart Patio Plus creates unique solutions for Southern California.

Our team is ready to transform your outdoor space. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you make your vision a reality.

Patio Cover Companies