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Resin bound driveways, stairs, pool surrounds and back gardens can inject any home with a subtle splash of colour or detailed style from natural stone finishes to bespoke pattern imprints. Whether you're looking for a contemporary take on an old-style finish or something more naturalistic we have a perfect resin surface solution for you. Resin is long lasting making it ideal for older properties but the finishing touch can be as visually striking as desired so complements houses in various styles. Whether your preference is modern concrete design or weaving intricate detail into the look - there's no shortage of design possibilities available when combining our qualitative products with our riches of experience

Pros Of A Resin-Bound Driveway

Are you a homeowner looking to give your driveway a facelift? Your friend or relative may have recommended resin-bound paving, but you wonder whether you will be getting value for money. If you're in this situation, then you are in the right place. In this article, we'll discuss the pros of installing a resin bound drive, so you can finally make an informed decision.

Paving has evolved over the years, from block paving to concrete, and tarmac. Now we have manufactures, each producing different materials for paving. No wonder most homeowners find themselves at a crossroads when they have to select from a wide range of possible choices.

In recent times, resin-bound systems have gained much popularity- you may have seen it as a kitchen island or a beautifully designed driveway. Resin is composed of lignin sulfonate, the same substance used to suppress dust on unpaved roads. In a resin-bound system, resin and stones are mixed in a suitable proportion and spread over an underlying concrete or tarmac sub-base. It leaves a beautiful and smooth surface, which is also strong and durable against the gravelly appearance of a resin-bonded system where aggregates are scattered on a surface covered with resin.

Pros of a resin-bound system

resin bound driveway from Resin Bound Driveways -Smart Tech - Paving Contractor

Sustainable Drainage system

Unlike other pavings such as asphalt and tarmac, Resin-bound paving is a Sustainable Drainage system that prevents standing water. A resin-bound driveway's sustainable system ensures that water puddles do not form on the surface, reducing flooding incidence. Due to this factor, it does not need planning permission from the Sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDs) because the resin's porous nature allows for easy natural drainage of rainwater to the sub-base

Driveways are easy to maintain

One of the best advantages of having a resin drive is its easy maintenance. Often, maintenance requires just brushing or washing a resin surface regularly since the smooth finishing allows for easy removal of debris. Usually, you can remove dirt, grass, weed, oil stains from vehicles, and small leaves with a simple jet wash or a stiff brush. Alternatively, hosing the resin surface down with clean water will also rid it of any debris. With chewing gum stuck to the surface, you can easily remove it with a freeze spray.

Aesthetically pleasing finish

For homeowners looking for an attractive and beautiful driveway, a resin-bound surface is a great choice. What is even more interesting about the resin system is that the aggregates come in different colours, sizes, and shapes. Therefore, you have the luxury to create a design of your own using different colours. When installed correctly, your resin surface has a smooth finishing, which gives it an even more striking visual pattern. If you want to avoid the dull, blocky feel of concrete and paving stones, an aesthetically designed resin drive might be the answer.


Also, a resin-bound pave way is best known for its durability. Compared to traditional block paving, the resin-stone combination and recycled glass add more strength to the resin paving, making it last longer. Again, due to its high permeability, water does not damage it, and because it is inert to weed and organic matter, it will remain strong and durable for so many years. Their appearance strikes the perfect balance between style and strength.

Quick and easy installation process

Last but not least is that it is quick to install. Because the surface is installed on an existing sub-base, installation is completed within a short time. It has rapid installation and setting times, allowing it to withstand foot traffic after 6 hours of being laid. So you can enjoy your driveway within a short time--also, applying a resin layer isn't very messy, making it a clean and hassle-free option

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resin bound driveway from Resin Bound Driveways -Smart Tech - Paving Contractor