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Pole building construction barns are economical buildings that go up quickly, offer great flexibility and can be finished the way you want.

Stimson Contracting Inc. is the leading Spokane barn builder. We are one of the largest pole barn companies in the area and have pioneered many innovations that raised the bar for the entire industry.

You may have noticed that we and other pole barn builders use a variety of terms to describe our buildings, such as "post-frame buildings," "wood-frame buildings," "timber-frame structures" or "metal buildings." This can be confusing, so let us explain.

An introduction to Pole building construction barns

What exactly is Pole building construction? Pole building construction is an aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient construction method. Advantages include:

  • Energy savings because wood has natural insulating properties and the frame provides space for virtually any type of high R-value insulation.
  • A wide variety of building materials may be incorporated into each structure.
  • Pole building buildings are engineered to last, and meet or exceed model building code requirements.
  • Once your structure is built, less building maintenance is required to keep it looking good than other types of buildings.

Whether planning a classic 4 horse stall barn to suit the lifestyle of your equestrian family or constructing shelters for your cattle operation, Stimson Contracting is your Spokane barn builder. Learn about quality. Speak with our customers and ample references as well as our vendors (a best practice in this economy). Stimson Contracting builds with the future in mind which means responsible craftsmanship with the intent to last. Realistically, odds that we will enjoy our barns 100 years from now are slim, but we hope you build with the intention that future generations will also use, love and appreciate the custom Spokane barn you build today.

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