Water Coil

Water CoilIf you're looking for a custom coil manufacturer that makes the best water coil on the market, consider American Coil. As an industry-leading custom engineering and designing company that manufactures for chilled and hot water coil applications, American Coil is capable of creating AHRI-certified water coils suited for just about any specification. Whether you are looking for a replacement coil or a brand new system, consider contacting American Coil.

From HVAC air handler makers to aerospace and foodservice manufacturers, American Coils' water coils are factory installed for a wide range of applications that include large restaurant and foodservice cooling manufacturers, US air curtain manufacturers, Industrial dry cleaning machines, Aerospace and private jet manufacturers, and more.

For applications that require optimized performance and function, you'll find the solutions waiting at American Coil. Their team of expert engineers can help you determine the precise dimensions of your project and will prove to be the best partner you could want.

American Coil was founded in 1995 and has since become a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial coils and a professional applicator of industry leading anti-corrosive coatings. If you've been searching for a custom water coil manufacturer that can help you improve on an existing design, let their pros come to the rescue. They're highly skilled for both regular and specialized applications, such as airplanes, trains, oil rigs, overhead doors, skyscrapers, chillers, food-related freezers and refrigeration.

Are you in the process of converting refrigerants in your plant? Contact the knowledgeable staff from American Coil and let them help take the guess work out of your coil needs and provide you with the solution you've been searching for. Their experience and efficiency affords them the ability to produce high-quality, reasonably-priced, precisely-built commercial and industrial coils, on your time schedule.

If you're considering a manufacturer for the design and engineering of your custom water coil, but are still researching manufacturers to do business with, consider a few of the advantages of doing business with American Coil:

- American Coil specializes in low volume/fast turnaround coils- in fact, it's their niche in the industry where they excel. They're able to provide their clients with quality one-off designs and fast production, all at a fair price.

- Engineers from American coil bring more than 20 years of experience to the table in order to help their clients design the perfect water coil for their application. For applications with a particular challenge, American Coil can target a coil's durability.

- The average production worker at American Coil has been with the company for over 7 years- some for 20 years! In an industry where experience matters, you'll find it at American Coil.

For more information about your custom water coil, another product, or about the company in general, contact American Coil by calling 888-947-2427 or visit online at American-Coil.com where you can check out the FAQ page and find out why America Coil has been trusted leaders in the custom coil industry for more than 20 years. Water Coil